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The county of SIBIU


The county of Sibiu is located in the center of Romania, in South-East Transylvania. In South it is separated by two mountain chains (F?g?ra? – with peaks over 2500 m and Cindrel-Lotru with an altitude around 2000-2300m) separated by the Olt River Valley. The North side is a hilly area with altitudes between 490 m and 749 m separated by deep valleys.

Number of population in Sibiu county: 423.000 inhabitants
The average annual temperature: 9'C
The average annual precipitations: 662 mm. Sibiu in located in the temperate-continental are with thermic influences due to its location, surrounded by mountains.
The capital-city of the county: Sibiu
The average altitude in  Sibiu: 420 m. 


Population: 155.000 inhabitants (94% Romanians, followed by Saxons, Hungarians and Gypsies)

How to get to Sibiu?

By plane
The International Sibiu Airport is located on the national road DN1, at 5 km from the city.
The airport facilitates direct links with the national airports from Bucure?ti and Timi?oara, and also the international ones from Germany (München, Stuttgart), Austria (Wien), Spain (Madrid), through regularly flights.


For more details, please visit: www.sibiuairport.ro

By train…
For any information regarding the train schedule please call 0269/21.20.85 or visit the webpage: www.mersultrenurilor.ro 

By car
Sibiu is connected by the European roads E 68 (Arad - Sibiu - Brasov) si E 81 (Cluj - Sibiu - Pitesti - Bucuresti). 

*Transylvania-Guide Sibiu provides the transfer from the airport/ railway station to the accommodation unit. We also provide transport during the whole stay in Sibiu.

The banks
Most of the banks are open from Monday till Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from (AM to 1 PM.


For stock exchange, we suggest you to go to the bank or use th stock exchange ATMs (the closest to the center area is the one of the BCR Bank on N.  Balcescu Avenue)

Debit Cards
Most of the hotels, rent-a-car companies, restaurants and stores accept American Express, Dinner Club, JCB International, Euro Master Card and VISA. We suggest you to check in advance, though!

The international phone code
For international calls to Sibiu dial 004 (the country code) then 0269 or 0369 (the county codes) followed by the phone number.



Legal holidays
•    1st and 2nd January;
•    The second Easter Day;
•    1st of May- The International Labor Day;
•    The second Pentecost day;
•    15th August;
•    30th November- St. Andrew;
•    1st December- The National Day;
•    25th and  26th  December.


Other useful information
Romania became member of the European Union for travelling to Romania you need an identity card or a passport

The Romanian currency is “LEU” or RON. At plural we use “LEI” or “RONI”.  1 Euro  = 4.50 LEI; 1DOLLAR = 3.34 LEI

In Romania it is very easy to exchange currency. There are numerous stock exchanges, but we suggest you to try at a bank or an ATM. In hotels, restaurants or stores you can pay with your debit card.

The weather in Sibiu
The climate is temperate-continental with cold winters and warm summers. Nevertheless, in the mountain area the weather is unpredictable; it may change from one minute to another.


We suggest you to bring suitable clothes for each season. You should also bring a raincoat, an umbrella, a sun hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, sunscreen.

Accommodation is made according to the tourists’ desire at hotels or guesthouses of 3-5 stars.

For any other information, please contact us.


Transylvania-Guide Sibiu


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