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MarĆŁi, 03 Mai 2016
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MarĆŁi, 29 Martie 2016
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MarĆŁi, 05 Ianuarie 2016
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Vineri, 20 Noiembrie 2015
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Miercuri, 18 Noiembrie 2015
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Miercuri, 07 Octombrie 2015
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Ture de Hiking în România: 3  Zile cu Ture de Hiking în Parcul Na?ional  Retezat, Vârful Peleaga, Lacul Bucura, Vârful Retezat , Turi?ti din UK & Russia, 13 - 15 Octombrie, TransylvaniaGuide-Sibiu, România


This was my sixth trip with Iulian Panescu. I have been to various locations in the Romanian Mountains with him, at different times of the year, on both walking and snow-shoeing trips. Nik and I keep returning!
Our journey began at Carnic on the edge of the Retezat National Park. Iulian led us through the forest to Gentiana Cabin which we used as a base for two nights. What a terrific place to stay in: lots of mountain character, a warm wood burner and very picturesque.

The next day Nik and I were led by Iulian out of the forest to the first of many glacial lakes which Retezat is famous for. The area is known as the ‘mountain fairyland of blue eyes because of its 80 lakes that reflect the blue from the sky’. Higher still we entered a valley full of stones, boulders and rock with a sheer ridge above.


Our route eventually led to the saddle of Bucura and then on to our first Retezat summit of Custura Bucurei Peak at 2370 metres. We could now see many more lakes and look across to other shapely peaks and mountain valleys. On our way across to Peleaga Peak at 2509 metres, the highest point in the national park, we saw chamois grazing far below us. On reaching the blustery summit, we found snow and some ice. The view was outstanding!


On our descent we went via Bucura Lake, the biggest lake in the Retezat, and rested at the Bucura Refuge. Out of his rucksack Iulian produced a camping stove and proceeded to make us all some much appreciated soup! After our rest at the refuge we continued by walking around the lake, up to the saddle and then returned to Gentiana Cabin. It had been an excellent day!

The next morning we packed up and walked down to Carnic by going back through the forest. During the walk, indeed throughout our entire Retezat trip, Iulian took many photographs of our journey which were given to us to keep. Iulian is in fact a serious multitasker: not only does he guide his guests through the mountains but also continually  records their experience by using his skills as a professional photographer.


Great job!

Thank you Iulian for our unique Retezat experience.


An article about this trip you can find here in The Travel Magazine.



Roger Bunyan, Lancashire, UK, October 13th-15th




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