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Step by step to the highest peak of the Romanian Mountains – Moldoveanu Peak - Explore the Main Ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. Traverse from East to West - 8 Days Tour

"One mountain! Climb it!"
Any mountain lover wishes to discover every year a new mountain area in Europe, climb that peak and enjoy the beauty of the view.
For the summer of 2016, TransylvaniaGuide-Sibiu suggested you an amazing hiking tour in the Fagaras Mountains, the highest part of the Romanian Carpathians, during which we shall explore a little part of the fascinating Carpathian Garden.
What do you say? The Romanian Carpathians can be a destination for this summer??. Discover the Transylvanian Alps – The Fagaras Mountains and choose this hiking tour towards the highest peaks: Moldoveanu - 2544 m, Negoiu Peak - 2535 m,  Vistea Mare - 2527 m and Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507m).


Technical details:
- Difficulty level: Active – the tour is generally dedicated to experienced tourists;
- Duration: 7 nights/ 8 days
- Routes difficulty: Medium-Hard
- Length of the tours: 5-10 hours/ day
- Best time: June-October
- Group: 4-15 pax

Day 1:  Welcome in Romania.
Arrival to the Sibiu International Airport.
Transfer to a pension or a hotel in Sibiu.. Cultural tour in the historical center of Sibiu.
Dinner in a Romanian traditional restaurant.Accommodation to a 3* hotel in Sibiu.


Day 2: Fagaras mountains, here we come!
Route: Sibiu – Brancoveanu Monastery – Sambata Valley – Sambata Cabin (1401 m).
Transfer from Sibiu to Brancoveanu Monastery. Visit the monastery and after we’ll ascending the Sambata valley, a very beautiful valley with waterfalls and sightseeing places.
Duration: around 2h 30 hours
Level difference: + 695 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: easy-medium.
Optional: another hiking tour for about 4 hours: Sambata Cabin - Dragusului Ridge – Caldarea Racorele Saddle – Sambata Cabin or a tour around the Sambata Valley…
Level difference: +/- 600 or  +/- 730 m…according to witch tour will do.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
Dinner and overnight at the Sambata cabin (1401 m).

Day 3: Conquering the “Romania’s Roof”
Route:Sambata Cabin – Fereastra Mare a Sambetei Saddle (2188 m) – Galasescu Mare Peak (2467m) – Vistea Mare Peak ( 2527 m) - MOLDOVEANU Peak (2544m) – Podragu Cabin (2136m).
Finally the big day has come! Today we’ll step on the highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians – Moldoveanu Peak (2544m). Be ready for today! It’s going to be a tough route, the longest in crossing the main summit, an unforgettable route.
Length of the hiking tour: around 10 hours( Break included)
Level difference: + 1143 m / - 408 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight at the Podragu cabin( 2136 m).

Day 4: In the heart of the Fagaras Mountains
Route: Podragu Cabin – Mircii Peak (2471m) – Nerlinger Monument - Fereastra  Zmeilor area- Capra Lake – Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507 m) – Vaiuga Valley -  Balea Lake (2030m)
A surprise welcomes us during the last part of the tour; the view of the incredible Balea Valley and the famous Transfagarasan road, one of the greatest roads in the world, as the famous “Top Gear” crew used to say 4 years ago in a documentary shot here.The road that touches the sky was built at the order of the former Communist Romanian President, Nicolae Ceau?escu, and it was considered a strategic linking road between Transylvania and South Romania – Wallachia.
Length of the hiking tour: around 6-7 hours
Level difference: + 335 m / - 441 m.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
Dinner and overnight at the Paltinu cabin( 2044 m )



Day 5: The Negoiu Peak (2535m) – the second highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians
Route: Balea Lake area (2030m) – Paltinu Peak – Laitel Peak (2390 m) – Caltun Lake - NEGOIU  Peak (2535 m) – Cleopatra Saddle - Negoiu Cabin (1546 m)
We dedicate this marvelous day to our hiking tour towards the famous  Negoiu Peak; the wonderful feeling when reaching such an altitude shall make us live the joy of “touching” the skies and being above the dark clouds.
Level  difference: + 505  / - 989 m.
Length of the hiking tour: about  8-8½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight  at Negoiu cabin ( 1546 m ).


Day 6: In the west-sector of the Fagaras mountains
Route: Negoiu Cabin (1546 m) – Serbota Valley – Puha Saddle (2040 m) – Scara Peak (2306 m) – Scarisoara Ridge – Barcaciu Cabin (1550 m)
Level  difference: + 760  / - 756 m.
Duration: about  6½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium-hard.
Dinner and overnight  at Barcaciu cabin ( 1550 m ).

Day 7: Good bye Fagaras Mountains
Route: Barcaciu Cabin (1550 m)  –  Poiana Neamtului Area.
Level  difference: - 786 m.
Duration: about  2 ½  hours.
Difficulty of the hiking tour: medium.
After several days spent in the mountains it’s time for a relaxing day! We’ll descending at the bottom of the mountains. Afterwards, we’ll head up to Sibiu and we reach a pension or hotel..Free time..
Dinner to a traditional restaurant and accomodations in a pension or hotel in Sibiu.


Day 8: Good bye Transylvania-Good bye Romania!!!
Free time, Shopping ..
Transfer back to Sibiu and then  to the Sibiu International Airport.
End of the tour…Flight back home.


The price includes:
- 2 nights of accommodation in a 3* hotel in Sibiu.
- 5 accommodation nights in mountain cabins
- Full-board
- Lunch packages  (  sandwiches & fruits only for the mountain tours)
- Welcome and the final celebration dinner in one Romanian traditional restaurant
- Transport during the whole visit
- Assistance of  an authorized mountain guide (English Speaker, German Speaker, Spanish speaker, French  Speaker)
- Assistance of a cultural guide (English Speaker, German Speaker, Spanish Speaker, French  Speaker) - for Sibiu.
- A souvenir gift.


Price does not include:
- Other expenses that haven’t been mentioned
- Accident/life insurance
- Equipment.
- Flight ticket


Transylvania-Guide Sibiu

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