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Our Terms and Conditions


Tour with mountain guide includes any mountain climbing activity, rock face escalade, sports escalade, ice climbing, ski (including tour ski, alpine ski, snowboarding and other similar activities), glacier traversing, traversing of hibernal crests, hikes and all schooling and instructions, climbing/descending from vehicles and camping or spending the night under the sky.


"Client is any person who requests and pays for tourist assistance services and participates to a guided mountain tour, independent for the duration and the type of activity.


"Guide is any qualified and accredited person who offers for tourist assistance services.


"The Guide" takes care of everything, including picking you up from the airport, train station, bus station or any place you designate, he takes care of your luggage and their safety, your accommodation and the preparing of the excursion.


"The Guide" takes care of the transportation means by which we will begin our excursions, the accommodation and restaurant reservations during the entire trip, and of your safety.

Mountaineering is beautiful, but, if you dont have the necessary equipment and if you dont know the trail well, also very dangerous!


"The Guide" will always take the best decisions regarding the trail, the halting places, he knows where water sources are, and if needed, he can always find an alternative solution, because he knows the area very well.


"The Guide" cannot always predict all risks, nor guarantee the absolute safety of the tourist.


Persons who are interested to participate in mountain tours and excursions guided and organized by TransylvaniaGuide-Sibiu must read and agree with some conditions:

- This situation implies prudence, vigilance and modesty in appreciation the mountain conditions and the human capacities.

- Clients are obliged to respect the guides interdictions and instructions; they must as well contribute to the success of the tour by displaying a prudent but voluntary behavior.

- All clients and participants must read attentively and confirm all conditions imposed by the guide in order to participate in any tour, mountain hiking, skiing tour or any other form or activity organized by us.
- All participants to the guided mountain tour must have the minimum age of 16 full years, at the date of the enrolment.
- An underage child may participate in a guided mountain tour only with the written agreement of a parent or of a legal guardian.

- Participants are compelled to comply with the guides instructions during the entire guided mountain tour.

- In case of accidents, the guide may leave the clients on the mountain, if he must offer first aid to others or to look for help. In these cases he must organize the security of the remaining persons by all existent means.

- The decision of canceling a tour or of altering the trail is made by common agreement, but, because of security reasons, the last decision belongs to the guide.


The personal equipment of a tourist should include:
* Spiked boots with Vibram and semi rigid soles with good ankle protection, if it is possible, the boots should contains a Gore-Tex membrana, because it keeps the foot dry during wet.
* Backpack of 40 to 60 liters-chosen according to the route you want to attend skiing or hiking sticks are recommended for difficult portions that we have to cross, ideal would be telescopic sticks
*  Raincoats: jacket and trousers are ideal because it protects you from wind and rain.

*  Cap, gloves and sunglasses are a must in any route because even in the summer at heights of over 1700 meters can be part of low temperatures.


*  2 to 3 pairs of socks to change
*  An exchange of warm clothes, preferably Polartec, Windstopper or Fleece
*  In addition to these things you can add a few personal items or toiletries
*  All these things please carry them in pack wrapped in plastic bags, to avoid watering them in case of rain.


- The physical and psychical preparation is also very important to the success of a tour. If you think that you health situation is not very good, please consult a medic before taking part in one of our tours, so that we may avoid any medical complication and any complaints.

- Persons, who have any heart conditions or underwent surgery, are asked to notice us, in order to avoid any discomforts and accidents during the tour.

- If accidents occur on account of heart conditions or surgeries, We are  not liable for any of these, but we'll try to help in as much as the law allows me to.

- We exonerate ourself form any responsibility regarding the loss, damage of  property, material damage or personal injuries (including decease) the client may suffer as a result of:
- Physical unfitness
- Forces of nature
- Consumption of alcohol/drugs
- Fabrication defects of the equipment used
- Limited access to medical services.

Payment conditions:
- The participation price to any tour organized by me depends on the type of the tour, the difficulty of the trail, the duration of the tour, the number of participants, and the price will be set by mutual agreement of both parties.

- After the detailed planning of the tour and according to its price, I will charge an advanced payment form the total value, per person.

- According to the valid laws, the advanced payment is a minimum of  15-25%.
- The rest of the excursions price will be paid according to a mutual agreement of the parties.

Details about the cancellation of the excursion:

- Any cancellation of a tour/program will be made by e-mail or at the following phone no: +40726687656 sau +40743377969, the cancellation is valid only after you receive a reply.

Please contact us for any supplementary questions.


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