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Sighi?oara (Schässburg)


The oldest medieval fortress still lived nowadays…


Narrow streets, old thick-walled houses, little windows and massive wooden gates, shady yards, mysterious dark tunnels, wooden floor stairs, towers and bulwarks; this is Sighisoara in just a few words.


A UNESCO heritage monument, the citadel of Sighi?oara is amazing.


As you climb the stairs up on the hill, you have the feeling that the time-machine really exists!


And if you imagine that the street are empty you could really believe that you are back in time.



The medieval atmosphere welcomes you everywhere, its an imagination exercise.


The cobbled streets join you along the fortified walls till the covered stairs. 175 steps must be climbed to reach above the citadel, on the hill.


There is the evangelical church, the old Saxon graveyard, the place where the ghoul stories are born, the place haunted by Dracula’s spirit at midnight…


The fortress was built by the Saxon colonists in the 13th century; the community here developed quickly and guilds were formed.


The guilds built walls and towers. That’s why, today, all of these towers bear the name of a guild.


As we arrive in the citadel, we shall be fascinated by the old Clock Tower.


It is the tower in which a toy drummer announces every quarter of an hour; it is the tower with figurines, with symbols, with a golden globe in its top and with a cock that predicts the weather; it never fails.


We reach then the Shoemakers’ Tower, the Rope-men Tower, the Furriers’ Tower, the Tin-men Tower, the Venetian House, the Stag House, churches and bastions.

But Sighi?oara is famous for something else…Who hasn’t heard of Vlad Tepe? or Dracula? It is said that he was born in Sighi?oara and he spent his childhood years here.


Many and mysterious are the legends linked to the frightening Tepe?, but all of these are more enjoyable when told up on the fortress or even on the alleys of the graveyard…


It will be the perfect place to discover who Dracula really was…the legends say that he was a vampire, the history says that he was a courageous prince, for Saxons he was a demon, for Romanians he was a hero.


But who was Vlad the Impaler and why did he become one of the most famous characters in the history of Romania?


A guided tour in Sighi?oara will provide you all the answers…


Transylvania-Guide Sibiu

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