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The Cindrel Mountains



“Cindrel, high and proud peak,
Many songs were written about you,
That’s how we all know you.
Of your woods people will speak,
And of the vast sheepfolds on your summit,
Supervised by young shepherd girls!”

Walking on the paths of the Cindrel Mountains you will notice sheepfolds spread everywhere on the peaks of the mountains supervised by shepherds always willing to talk to you, to share their stories and experiences up there in the wilderness.

The shady clearings of these soft mountains are the perfect place for tourists to relax and enjoy the serenity of the nature.



The legend of the mountain and of the two glacier lakes says that a long time ago there lived here, in these areas, a young beautiful girl, a shepherd’s daughter - people called her “the Beauty of the Mountains” (Frumoasa Mun?ilor)...Once a young shepherd, Cindrel, saw her and he immeditely fell in love with her.


However, in these mountains there also lived a giant who used to have a very ugly daughter, in her turn, in love with the young boy.



When the ugly giant girl realised that Cindrel couldn’t love her, she asked her father to kill him...and so he did.  When the young boy died, the mountains started to mourn and the Beauty cried too, till she passed away.


Her tears, says the legend, gave birth to the lakes Iezerul Mare and Iezerul Mic, whose cristal water mirrors the two peaks: Cindrel (2244 m) and Frumoasa ( 2168 m).

Why should we try a tour in Cindrel?

* Cindrel is the mountain massif that shares so many traditions and customs of the famous shepherds in M?rginime;
* Its paths course vast areas covered with juniper trees and different endemical plants;
* Cindrel is covered, on its upper part with, The National Park Cindrel and Iezerele Cindrelui Reserve – with the two lakes, Iezerul Mare and Iezerul Mic;       
* Cindrel attracts all the tourists who love nature and who are eager to discover the traditional rural life in these areas;



*  In the area of Cindrel Mountains there is a mountain resort, P?ltini? (1450 m), located at the highest altitude in Romania;

You’ve got enough reasons to come to Cindrel! Join us and you’ll never regret!


Transylvania-Guide Sibiu


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