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Discover Transylvania


The delightful Transylvania


There must be something with Transylvania…something that attracts so much…Hollywood has made movies in and about Transylvania, authors have written famous books about it, tourist guides from all over the world promote it, and personalities visit it.


Why does Transylvania attract though?

Some people are attracted by its mysterious stories with vampires and werewolves that haunt the shadowy Carpathian forests; others are amazed by its wild scenery, the old villages forgotten somewhere in the past, medieval cities, simple and gentle inhabitants, the tranquility of the places.


Transylvania is a geographical sunken area located in the center of Romania and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.


Nevertheless, for many people, Transylvania is more than just a geographical area: it is the land of endless stories, the land where sometimes your imagination transcends the reality.

The famous New York Times wrote once about a mythical Transylvania with medieval buildings so well preserved over the centuries;


The Toronto Star described Transylvania as a charming land;




The Telegraph describes it as “the land beyond the forests”, a mystical and magical place; 


Le Figaro called it the “living heart of Europe”.

Transylvania is so beautiful that it captivated even the Prince of Whales who often comes here to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Saxon villages.


The famous Top Gear show cast was astounded by the most spectacular road in Transylvania - Transf?g?r??an.


And so many others have been enchanted by Transylvania


But, like a delicious dish that must be tasted first and then criticized, Transylvania must be discovered and then talk about it.

We invite you to join us and discover Transylvania.




Dracula’s story, who was the frightening Vlad the Impaler, the history of the Saxons in these areas, their life and activities, old and new stories – you will all discover together with Transylvania-Guide Sibiu.


Join us and live your own Transylvanian adventure and share to everybody your unforgettable experiences!


Transylvania-Guide Sibiu



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