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The Retezat Mountains



The Retezat Mountains are known for their beautiful legends and numerous glacier lakes and fresh springs.

It is said that in these places, there used to live, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, some giants. Before dying, their leader divided this area for his two children, a boy and a girl.


In order to admire his beautiful part of the country, each of the two children climbed up on the mountain…the boy on the Retezat peak (in those times it used to have another name) and the girl on the Rusca peak, West from Retezat.


When the girl noticed that her brother’s part of the country was more beautiful than hers, she became so angry. Thus, she took a piece of an iron and threw into towards her brother.


She didn’t hit the boy but broke a piece of the peak – Retezat.

It is said that Retezat is the mountain with blue eyes because of its 80 lakes which mirror the blue sky.


In Retezat we shall see the largest glacier lake in the Romanian Carpathians – the Bucura Lake (almost 9 ha) and the deepest lake - Z?noaga (29 m depth).

The Retezat Mountains
rise between two large valleys Petro?ani and Ha?eg, and it is divided into two parts: The Big Retezat (Retezatul Mare), the most important part of the whole massif with the highest peaks: Peleaga (2509 m), P?pu?a (2508 m), Retezat (2485 m), Bucura (2433 m) or Judele (2398 m) and the Little Retezat (Retezatul Mic), wilder than the former.



Why should you try a trekking tour in Retezat?

*Retezat is a national protected park, in which the nature, the flora and the fauna have been so well protected and haven’t been touched and destroyed yet.


*Retezat seems like a place in heaven - a place where you can admire so many lovely and unique plants.



*In Retezat you may find wild animals such as bears, wolves, wild goats, deer, rabbits or groundhogs.


*Retezat is the perfect place to relax on the bank of the 80 glacier lakes.

*All the tourists coming to Retezat enjoy the beauty of the view and the wilderness of the woods.

I hope this short presentation has captured you and made you decide coming to Retezat.

Transylvania-Guide Sibiu


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