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Special Offers

Family Fun - 6 nights /  7 days... Transylvania-Guide Sibiu


Are you in the search of a “special” vacation together with your family, but you do not know what to choose for the little ones? Transylvania-Guide Sibiu team suggests you a trip into the childhood world!

The story of three nations. - Prince Charles...7 nights / 8 days...Transylvania-Guide Sibiu


Transylvania is the land of tales, the place where legends join you step by step. We invite you to discover "the landbeyond the forests", the stories of the colonists and their adventures over the centuries; we invite you to discover a mysterious, dazzling and surprinzing place!

Amazing Transylvania -  7 nights / 8 days... Transylvania-Guide Sibiu

Transylvania is the tourist destination that will always surprise you! Its past, the political and social European influences and the colonists that arrived in these areas over the centuries have all drawn the image of a mosaic-region which harmonizes so well the Romanian, the Saxon and the Hungarian cultures.
We invite you to discover the enchanting Transylvania!

ON the steps of Dracula -8 nights / 9 days... Transylvania-Guide Sibiu

We have all heard of the famous Dracula, but who was he? We suggest you a visit in the heart of Transylvania in order to discover together the birthplace of the famous prince and learn more about his mysterious life. Was he a brave prince or a frightening tyrant? Truth or legend in Dracula’s country

Taste the delicious specialties in Marginimea Sibiului, on the paths of the Cindrel Mountains

The region of Sibiu is famous for its different types of cheese: “telemea”, “bulz”, “jintita”, “urda” or “cas” but also different delicious lamb and pork meat. We suggest you an itinerary of about a few days in this ethnographic area of Transylvania – Marginimea Sibiului – discover the stories of these simple and kind people living at the sheepfolds and taste a bit of our traditional dishes


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