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 Guided visit in Sibiu




 Sibiu Classic Tour: 1.30 - 2.30h


For more than 2 hours we shall discover the town of Sibiu as it was formed during the centuries: from a little fortress led by a courageous knight, to one of the most important fortresses in Transylvania, a trade center, cultural town in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the third town where the Revolution burst in 1989 and, presently, a Romanian and European cultural center. 

The visit includes: Cet??ii street (with its former towers, walls and bastions), The Schiller Square, the Franciscan Church, the Greek-Catholic Church, the Goldsmith Square, The Little Square (with its Council Tower, the famous Liars’ Bridge, the House of Arts, the Luxembourg House), The Huet Square (the Evangelical Church, the House of Journeymen), The Stairs Passage, the Altemberger House (The History Museum), the Orthodox Cathedral, the Mitropoliei Street, The Large Square (with its main objectives: the Brukenthal Museum, the Town Hall, the Romano-Catholic Church, the Haller House, the Blue House), the Astra Park.

If you have more time we invite you to visit the traditional market in Sibiu – with fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese coming directly from the local producers; we also suggest you a visit at the Open Air Museum, the biggest ethnography museum in Romania, located in a forest, on the bank of a lake.


Sibiu Tour & Taste:  4h - 4.30 h


During its 800 years Sibiu became a "Transylvanian Mecca" for all the ethnic groups and colonists coming here for living and traditing. They brought with them their traditions and customs, a whole new culture they shared with the habitants here. Three main ethnic groups - Romanians, Saxons and Hungarians co-existed in these parts and shared their cultures and civilisation. To them, we may add the Greeks, Jews and different nomadic groups

Sibiu became a place of multiculturality and ethnic plurality. Gastronomy was, without any doubt, one of the domains that inherited the a little bit from each of the ethnic groups.



We invite you to a "delicious tour" in which, apart from the historical area of the town, we'll have some "taste stops" where we'll try some special typical dishes, learn their story and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. The places where we'll stop are not randomnly chosen...They are special places with amazing stories.


*This tour is dedicated to minimum 2 pax.

Let's tour & taste!




The Legends’ Fortress (a special tour for children and teenagers): 1 ˝ - 2h

We invite the little ones to a special visit in Sibiu – the town of legends and great stories!


For almost 2 hours, we’ll learn about the famous Herman - a brave knight who built the fortress, the Saxon colonists, the great battles in the citadel, we’ll talk about noblemen, kings and queens, we’ll learn how the liars were punished, and we’ll listen to stories about witches and hardworking craftsmen.


We promise you it would be an unforgettable visit, an interactive tour in which we’ll discover a „different” Sibiu. At the end of the tour the little tourists will receive a little souvenir.

*The tour is suggested for children aged 8-14.



Transylvania-Guide Sibiu

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