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Medievals Town

Alba Iulia

After a long process of restoration and as beautiful as never, the fortress of Alba Carolina welcomes us on an unforgettable tour. We invite you to enjoy, for a few hours, an unconventional history lesson in which stories about Roman soldiers, Romanian prices, Saxon colonists, Austro-Hungarian generals and kings pleasantly join together so that you yourself will transform into a character…but from what century?


Entrance gate in Transylvania, the county of Bra?ov is always happy to welcome its visitors! In Bra?ov we propose you a nice walking tour in the historic part of the town with a unforgettable view over the city, all of these joined by old sotires and legends. We shall visit afterwards, old and beautiful villages, picturesque churches – UNESCO heritage (Prejmer and H?rman), we’ll admire breathtaking mountain landscaes and we’ll finally visit the famous…Bran castle…


It is said that Sibiu is the perfect tourist destination for the unique experiences’ lovers! If, in the countryside, you’ll live (again) the joy of the traditional life in nature, in the city you’ll feel the atmosphere of a former European cultural capital. Charming squares, lovely designed houses, fortified towers and walls, various cultural events, journeymen and legends on the LiarsBridge…the perfect recipe for culture, history and lots of fun!



The oldest medieval fortress still lived today…Narrow, cobbled streets, old houses with high entrance gates and shady mysterious yards, a church on the top of the hill, a graveyard above the citadel with two-centuries old tombs, thick walls and a wonderful view over the old and new town….

Jidvei Vineyard

The Valley of Târnave Rivers and the hilly area between Sibiu and Alba Iulia have been known for centuries for their rich vineyard crops. Herodot himself talks about the winegrowers who arrived here in the VIth century before Christ. In the XIIIth century the Saxons brought here the first noble grape types and soon the area became known as the “Weinland” – The Wine Country.


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