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Mountain Tours

Explore the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains-Be part of the adventure-11 days / 10 nights


Being a mountain lover means discovering the beauties and the wildness of the different mountain peaks in Europe and not only. We, Transylvania-Guide Sibiu suggested you an amazing trekking tour during which we shall explore a little part of the fascinating Carpathian Garden.

Step by step to the highest peak of the Romanian Mountains – Moldoveanu Peak - Explore the Main Ridge of the Fagaras Mountains. Traverse from East to West - 8 Days Tour

For the summer of 2016, TransylvaniaGuide-Sibiu suggested you an amazing hiking tour in the Fagaras Mountains, the highest part of the Romanian Carpathians, during which we shall explore a little part of the fascinating Carpathian Garden.
What do you say? The Romanian Carpathians can be a destination for this summer?. Discover the Transylvanian Alps – The Fagaras Mountains and choose this hiking tour towards the highest peaks: Moldoveanu - 2544 m, Negoiu Peak - 2535 m,  Vistea Mare - 2527 m and Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507m).

Adventure, legends and traditions in the Cindrel Mountains-8 nights / 9 days

Transylvania-Guide Sibiu suggests you an exciting trekking tour in the Cindrel Mountains where we’ll have the occasion to meet flocks of sheep spread on the grasslands and pastures, great people always eager to share a bit of their life experiences with you.
All you have to do is choose this tour which combines great trekking tours with an amazing landscape and wonderful people and experiences. .

Trekking tours in the Cindrel Mountains & Lotru Mountains-5 nights / 6 days

Are you an active person seeking for new experiences? Do you love hanging out in the nature and do hiking tours on mountain trails? Romania with its less explored mountain areas could be the perfect destination for active holidays. Together with Transylvania-Guide Sibiu you will discover two massifs from the Carpathian Mountains chain, Cindrel Mountains and Lotrului Mountains, areas that haven’t been explored too much and where the time seems to pass slowly.

Enjoy 3 hiking days in the Fagaras Mountains-Sambata Valley-2 night / 3 days

It is said that the Sambata Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Fagaras Mountains! In order to convince yourselves, Transylvania-Guide Sibiu suggests you a trekking tour in this area
During our tour we’ll pass through the area known as Ferestrele Sâmbetei: Fereastra Mare and Fereastra Mic? (they have the form of an open window). We shall also have the chance to admire the Materhorn of Romania - the Col?ul B?l?ceni Peak (2288 m).

Active Trekking & Hiking Tours in the Romanian Mountains: 3, 4 or  5 days .

If you are looking for a great vacation in the mountain area of Transylvania, you are in the right place. We suggest you some active tours in the Romanian Carpathians which will strengthen your physical and moral condition.

Join the Transylvania-Guide Sibiu team and choose your favorite mountain trekking packages.

Hiking tours in the Retezat Mountains, A full week of culture & nature in Transylvania-6 nights / 7 days

It is said about Retezat that it is the mountain with “blue eyes”, due to its 80 lakes spread along its peaks and in which the beautiful blue sky can mirror. Transylvania-Guide Sibiu suggests you a hiking package towards the highest peaks of Retezat combined with some cultural visits to the most important cultural attractions in the area: the Alba Iulia fortress, the Huniade Castle and the Bison Natural Reserve from Hateg.

Hiking tour in the Bucegi Mountains-Try,Dare,Explore the Dacians Mountains-6 nights / 7 days

Discover the beauties of the Bucegi Mountains, the sacred mountains while enjoying a hiking tour for a few days in the most important areas. Why have we chosen a tour in this area?
Very simple! In order to discover throughout some walking tours, the secrets and the legends of these mountains. This hiking package is combined with some cultural visits to the most important attractions at the bottom of the Bucegi: The Peles Castle, The Bran Castle, The Rasnov Fortress and the city of Brasov.

Hiking tours in the  Piatra Craiului Mountains-7 nights / 8 days .

Piatra Craiului rises above the town of Z?rne?ti, having the shape of a huge handsaw oriented from West to East and which belongs to the Central Carpathians.
Why should you go on a hiking tour in the Piatra Craiului Mountains?The Piatra Craiului Massif is a natural park created in 1971, a treasure that must be protected. It is formed by the longest and most typycal calcar summit in the Carpathians – 25 km; it also has numerous valleys and the highest summit in the Carpatians.


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