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The region of M?rginimea Sibiului

Not far from Sibiu, at the bottom of the Cindrel and Lotru Mountains there lays a picturesque area called M?rginimea Sibiului. 18 traditional Romanian villages form this idyllic area.


The villages spread from Boi?a to Jina and they cover a large area of mountains and valleys, pastures, forests and springs. It is called M?rginime because it is located at the contact area between Cindrel and Steflesti.


This is where, the Romanians, pushed away by the Hungarian and Saxon authorities, emigrated centuries ago. We climbed up in the mountains where they built new villages in which “no Saxon” was allowed to enter.


The people in M?rginime live hard and difficult times, but they were wise and hardworking and managed to survive. Breeding animals has always been their main occupation. 


Transhuman?a is a practice still preserved in Cindrel. They were also good tradesmen.


There are many artisans and craftsmen today (leather men, blacksmiths, carpenters, weavers or icon glass painters) who keep preserving these customs and who are always happy to share the others secrets of their crafts.


A trip in M?rginimea Sibiului is a trip in time, in times for long forgotten, when the carriages pulled by horses were the main means of transport, a trip in a place “far from the madding crowd”, far from the noisy cars and far the polluted cities!


In the villages from M?rginimea Sibiului, in the summer you are woken up early in the morning by the hens cackling and the cows’ bells as they idly walk along the little streets heading towards the pastures around the village. But wakening up like this is much more pleasant than the morning alarm…

A day at work passes so difficult…a day in M?rginimea Sibiului seems like flying away, like a beautiful dream…short but which will always be there in your heart.


Apart from the enchanting landscape, there are so many other things that make M?rginimea Sibiului so special...


The inhabitants, for example. The statement « the man is the one who blesses a place » is perfect in this case. We suggest you a visit through the most beautiful villages in M?rginime (Sibiel, Fântânele, Gura Râului, R??inari, Orlat, Jina or Poiana Sibiului).



We shall visit traditional households, we’ll meet chatty people always happy to welcome their guests, we’ll learn more about life in the rural areas, we’ll practice hand in hand with the artisans, have a ride on a carriage pulled by horses and, of course, discover the serene life at the sheepfold, enjoy this simple but wonderful life.


When talking about food in M?rginime, there’s a lot to say! The tasty dishes specially prepared by the housewives in M?rginime will make you love this place even more!!!



In M?rginimea Sibiului every day means a new experience, a new reason for joy. We are waiting for you and promise you a great vacation!

Transylvania-Guide Sibiu



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