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Active Tours

Hiking Tours

Do you want to spend a pleasant vacation in the middle of the nature, on the paths of the mountains in Transylvania? Do you want to cross wild valleys and step on the highest peaks in the Carpathians? Do you love activities in nature? Would you like to admire the wide-ranging flora and fauna in the mountains?
Choose one of our tours which suits you better, according to your physical and psychical experience, and you’ll enjoy the best of your time in the Romanian Carpathians!

 Mountain Bike-ing Tours

Are you a fan of mountain biking tours? Are you searching new paths for your mountain bike? How about Romania and the Carpathians? They could be a good option for you to try a MTB tour here! Transylvania-Guide Sibiu suggests you a MTB tour in the Romanian Carpathians, to explore three different mountain ranges: the Cindrel Mountains, the Capatanii Mountains and the Latoritei Mountains.

Winter Tours


Do you love nature? Do you like trekking on snowy paths? Are you afraid of deep snow? Transylvania-Guide Sibiu launches a new challenge to the heavy mountain winter: trekking tours on snowshoes and tour skiing!


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