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Alba Iulia



After a long process of restoration and as beautiful as never, the fortress of Alba Carolina welcomes us on an unforgettable tour.


We invite you to enjoy, for a few hours, an unconventional history lesson in which stories about Roman soldiers, Romanian prices, Saxon colonists, Austro-Hungarian generals and kings pleasantly join together so that you yourself will transform into a character…but from what century?


With no exaggeration, the fortress of Alba Iulia is, most probably, the most beautiful fortress in Romania. It has all the reasons…


It has always been the bone of contention desired by the Romans, by the Saxon colonists, by Romanians, by Austro-Hungarians…


The fortress was brought into light during the XVIIIth century – “La Belle Epoque” when an striking Vauban ensemble was built here.


Built at the request of Carol VI, the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the fortress was really imposing: seven bastions, six entrance gates, all of them linked by strong defensive walls and bridges.

Our visit includes the tour of the three fortification lines, the entrance gates, changing the guard, the artillery, the bastions, the weapon hall, the prisons and the torture place, the Romano-Catholic Church, the Orthodox Cathedral and the Union Hall.


A visit in Alba Iulia will be more than enough for a trip in the past, in remote and so different worlds.



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