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Traditions and customs in Transylvania


Winter traditions

A very important part of these traditions is connected to the winter holidays (Christmas, New Year Eve, Saint John, and Christ’s Baptism).


Associated to these holidays, the traditions symbolize the end of another year and a new beginning, in the hope that God will be close to the community and bring health and prosperity.


Among the most important events we should mention:


Colindul Junilor (Gura Raului, December 26th)


Intalnirea Junilor (Saliste, December 28th)


Udatul Ionilor (Talmacel, January 7th)


Burduhosii from Carta (January 8th)


Lolele form Agnita (January/ February)


This area of Transylvania is famous for its old traditions and customs so well preserved during the centuries.



They represent our patrimony, a treasure that has been and will be transmitted from one generation to another.


Colindul Junilor, Intalnirea Junilor, Udatul Ionilor they all represent Christian traditions, customs that proclaim the presence of the divinity.



These events include dance and music rituals and, of course, the parade of the traditional local costumes, all of them handmade and inherited from father to son, from mother to daughter.


Burduhosii from Carta is a tradition that goes back in time and it’s related with the beginning of a new year.


Based on people’s superstitions, the tradition says that if the disguised teenagers paint your face in black you will be lucky the whole next year.


Ugly characters dressed in old clothes run on the streets and make a lot of noise to scare away the evil spirits.



Thus, the New Year is going to be a very good one!


The event Lolele from Agnita is based on a Saxon story from the Middle Ages.


It says that the Turks who attacked the fortress of Agnita were scared away by a brave girl who dressed up in old ugly clothes, many noisy bells and a whip.


Her appearance really frightened the enemies.




Today, this event is quite spectacular and it also celebrates the old guilds in Agnita.



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