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Jidvei Vineyard and the Castle from Cetatea de Balt?



The Vally of Trnave Rivers and the hilly area between Sibiu and Alba Iulia have been known for centuries for their rich vineyard crops.


Herodot himself talks about the winegrowers who arrived here in the VIth century before Christ.


In the XIIIth century the Saxons brought here the first noble grape types and soon the area became known as the Weinland The Wine Country.



Unfortunately, things have changed especially during the XXth century and many vineyards were abandoned.


The vineyard from Jidvei has remained a symbol of the area and, today, all the wines produced here are famous everywhere in Romania and worldwide.

The plantations occupy an area of about 2000 ha, at an altitude of 400-600m, on a red-brownish forest soil, in a temperate-continental climate.


The fall days alternate sun and fog which give savor to the grapes and keep their acidity.


At about a few km from the vineyard theres the Castle from Cetatea de Balt? built between 1570-1580 and restored a few years later after the model of the castle Chambord from France.


It is the ideal place to learn about the wine art and enjoy the wide diversity of the wines: Feteasc? Alb?, Feteasc? Regal?, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Muscat Ottonel, Riesling Italian, Sauvignon Blanc.




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