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The Mountain Areas

The Fagaras Mountains


The Fagaras Mountains or “The Alps of Transylvania” as Emanuel de Martonne used to call them, represent the highest and most daring mountain chain in Romania, with its peaks: Moldoveanu (2544 m), Negoiu (2535 m) and  Vistea Mare (2527 m).They have In the Fagaras Mountains there are 8 of the 14 mountain peaks in Romania that surpass 2500 m.



The Cindrel Mountains

Walking on the paths of the Cindrel Mountains you will notice sheepfolds spread everywhere on the peaks of the mountains supervised by shepherds always willing to talk to you, to share their stories and experiences up there in the wilderness.
The shady clearings of these soft mountains are the perfect place for tourists to relax and enjoy the serenity of the nature.

The Bucegi Mountains

Why the mountain of mysteries?
Because this mountain is not just the stone heart of Romania, but also a wonderful sanctuary; a saint mountain, from where one can see far in the distance, the whole country till the Danube River; it is a stone deity with a Dacian appearance always watching Romania.
The Sphinx, one of the symbolic monuments in Bucegi, also known as the face carved in stone, watches always with its eyes wide open over its people, the Dacians.

The Piatra Craiului Mountains

Piatra Craiului rises above the town of Z?rne?ti, having the shape of a huge handsaw oriented from West to East and which belongs to the Cental Carpathians. The general features which make these mountains so wonderful are given by their lonely summit covered in woods and the diversified landscape; cliffs, pyramids, towers, valleys, natural arcades, all of these form a great natural spectacle.

The  Retezat Mountains

The Retezat Mountains rise between two large valleys Petro?ani and Ha?eg, and it is divided into two parts: The Big Retezat (Retezatul Mare), the most important part of the whole massif with the highest peaks: Peleaga (2509 m), P?pu?a (2508 m), Retezat (2485 m), Bucura (2433 m) or Judele (2398 m) and the Little Retezat (Retezatul Mic), wilder than the former.


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